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At Hock Cheong Electric, we are appointed as a system integrator for Mitsubishi Electric to deliver top-notch automation solutions. With a commitment to elevate efficiency, productivity, and reliability, we specialize in the import, marketing, and sales of Low Voltage Inverters (AC Drive), PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA systems.

Our Solutions

  • Low Voltage Inverters (AC Drive): Experience precise control and energy efficiency with our range of Low Voltage Inverters. Let us tailor solutions for your unique industrial needs.
  • PLCs: Empower your processes with the flexibility and reliability of Mitsubishi Electric PLCs. Customizable solutions for seamless automation.
  • HMIs:Enhance user interaction and system monitoring with our Human-Machine Interface solutions. Intuitive interfaces for efficient control.
  • SCADA Systems: Gain real-time insights and control over your industrial processes with our SCADA systems. Elevate your system’s performance and reliability.

We take pride in being a leading provider of high-quality electrical solutions. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, and one such esteemed collaboration is with AuCom Electronics.Our core focus lies in bringing you access to a comprehensive range of AuCom products, including CSX, CSXI, EMX4, MVE, and a comprehensive range of spare parts.

Our Solutions

  • CSX & CSXi: Elevate motor control and protection with the compact designs of AuCom’s CSX and CSXi series. Simple integration and energy saving.
  • EMX4: Experience cutting-edge soft starter technology with AuCom’s EMX4 series. Enhance the performance and lifespan of your motors with Aucom innovative solutions.
  • MVE: Achieve motor control excellence with AuCom’s medium voltage soft starter series. Tailored for efficiency and reliability, these products ensure optimal performance in diverse industrial environments.
  • Spare Parts: Extensive range of genuine AuCom spare parts, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your AuCom products.


Our expanded product portfolio also includes:

Lighting Systems
Electrical Components
Passive Harmonic Filters
and many more!
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